Friday, 18 December 2009


Welcome to my Art Blog! If you have any other question then the ones that are already answered, please state it here. I would be happy to answer it. Q. How can I contact you? A: Through my e-mail: delia.mihai at Q: Can I use your work on my website? A: Not all the artwork that I produce remain my copyright. Commissioned or copyrighted pieces cannot be used without the permission of the customer. For the paintings I own I would appreciate if you would send me an email to ask for permission. If it is for non-profit making, non-commercial purposes and is part of a gallery this will be ok, although I would ask you to credit me as the artist and add a link to my site. For the other images that are now copyright of the companies that commissioned them you will have to direct your inquiries to the company that owns the rights. Q: Can I use your work on our cover for free? A: No, please do not use my art work. My work is my life; I can't afford to give it away. If you want to use my art for anything, you have to pay for it. Q: Can I have one of your pictures tattooed on? A: Please do, if you would like one of my artworks permanently displayed on your body, then be my guest! It would be cool if you can email me a photo of the result. Q: Can you do some work for me for no money? A: Afraid not, my time doesn't allow me to work for free. Q: Can I link your website ? A: Please do. Q: Do you sell prints? A: Yes I do. Please check inprnt and society6 if you are interested. Q: Did you always wanted to be an artist? A: Yes. Q. How did you learn to draw? A: First I started to draw cartoon characters around 1993-1995. After all this I talked with a friend that was in her first year at Visual Art High school. She told me that 3 days on week they had 8 - 10 hrs drawing classes. I was fascinated thinking that I could spend so much time drawing and I decided that I wanted to do that. Q: How do you start your digital drawings? A: I have more methods for drawing the line art. The first one is by a sketch with a pen on A4 paper, or sketchbook paper. Then the finished line art is scanned into Photoshop. After this I save the file as a jpg and work all over with Photoshop. Sometimes I make the sketch directly in Photoshop, it's not any rule, it depends on my mood. Q: How do you color your digital paintings? A: I usually list my media in the description of my artwork, so you will be able to find that answer there first. All of my digital work is colored in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. Q: What is a Wacom tablet? A: A tablet is a digital drawing board that is connected to the computer. You can check the Wacom's Web page for more information. Q: How long it takes you to make a digital painting? A: Depends on its complexity, the size and the resolution. Usually it takes me to like a few hours to two weeks for a high resolution colored piece. Q: Do you use Oils or Acrylics for your traditional paintings? A: Oils work for me. Welcome to my Art Blog! If you have any other question then the ones that are already answered, please state it here. I would be happy to answer it. Q: Do you use Oils or Acrylics for your traditional paintings? A: Oils work for me. Q: Will you do a collaboration or art trade with me? A: Depends of my time and the request. Q: How much do you charge for your services? A: If you have a serious request, then get in touch with me. The price depends on the work complexity. Q: Do you have any tutorials? A: Yes, you can check the links below: - On my ArtBlog on Tutorial label - On my youtube ArtChannel for videos in Tutorials & Resources Gallery: - On my Gallery on DA for "My resources" folder.

Q: What resources I can use do you have?
A: I have 2 brush packs for photoshop: a free bursh pack for sketches and speed paintings, an ink brush set available on gumroad and 2 sets of photoshop swatches: Color Palette, Color Palette 2. All compatible with Photoshop CS3 and above.
Q: Can I become a freelance artist? A: Yes. The first and most important thing is to actually try. The only way to fail for sure is not to try. Practice as much as you can and get some commissions, however small, as a way to learn. Do what the client asks you to and do it on time. Q Can you teach me to improve my drawing skills? A: I doubt that my advises could help you to much. In any case I can give you some tips; to improve your drawing skills you must practice every day, drawing the objects around or studying after artistic anatomy books or the best could be to try art classes; with a lot of work and focusing you will be able to draw up nice things. Please don't send me your art work through e-mail as I am not in position to critique your work.

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