Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Tropical Impulse

Hello my art lovers friends!

I have some new paintings done and I have finally decided to apply for membership at UAP. I already put my file for verification but they gave it back, said I need to open an exhibition before they send my file for application.
So now I started to put up together all the works worthy for display and my exhibition will be up in either December or January.
I am very exited about it, but still disappointed that my application file wasn't sent! 

Meanwhile here's "Tropical Impulse" acrylic painting on a 30x50 cm canvas.

Monday, 16 August 2021


Because it's summer the heats are unbearable... Sun always has been a source of inspiration, not just for me but for many artists. I love sun <3

I've been experimenting with acrylics for some time now and I love it. Overall I guess I am past the experimentation phase, haha.
For great results and to learn faster about new mediums I always like to work up abstract paintings. There's more room for being innovative and errors won't be judged so harsh. So combine the colors to obtain new ones, add more or less water to the paint, let it flow and stop worrying about getting things right because it's all about expressing out and being creative.

I'm happy with these new small paintings and I hope to be able to add them as prints. The originals are 20x20 cm & painted on canvas. They will be up for sale as well.


Deaf Sun
Deaf Sun

Plastic Sun
Plastic Sun

Also a happy Sun painting I painted for a sweet child! This was super fun and I plan to create some more paintings for kids.
Happy Sun
Happy Sun

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Spiraling - Watercolor

This is one work that helped me get over an art block. I had problems focusing and organizing my time and after some weeks of doing nothing that made me happy this spiraling watercolor happened and it made me feel good.
The original is for sale, but "Spiraling" is also available as a print in my inprnt shop

Spiraling - Original art

I used the same favorite watercolors I always do from CFP, but this time large box in size

and also managed to put together a video I filmed with a borrowed web cam.
It's not an entire process though because one of my HDDs died and I think some recordings went away with it. Due to this unfortunate event this video is missing some parts. I decided that what I was left with can still be used and fast forwarded into this video.
I hope the process it's still enjoyable enough.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Waiting - ink

 An ink of an older fan art sketch. There's still a bunch of sketches I have of her and maybe some day they will be reviewed.
I kind off miss this character, she brought to me some nice inspirational ideas and I realized that I should focus on my personal character, the one I am writing a book about. It's been many years now, that I've been working on that, I know. The first book is done, just need a few teaks and finishing up the extra illustrations I have in mind.
All set... all I need it's free time! :p

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Commissions Open


Commissions are available from today! :)
Single character (any character), portrait, no background, digital file: 2 - 4 slots available!
You can choose a sketch, an ink or a colored version. Examples below. 2 - 4 weeks max. for realization.

Use the form on the right or e-mail me with a few words about your character. If I accept to draw your character we can talk things from there.

You cannot resale the image, it will be yours, for personal use only or brag to your friends :p
Half of the payment upfront, the other half when I deliver your print ready digital file, via e-mail.

I accept paypal & bank transfer.

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Trinity - Arylic painting

There was an issue with blogger not loading my images, but it seems to be solved now and I am very happy. I like a lot blogger and now I can post up a new entry without stressing out!

I wanted to share up a few works that I have laying around for a while!
For now here is "Trinity" acrylic on cotton canvas, 30 x 60 cm, and the original painting is for sale. I might add up some prints as well.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021


I didn't even realized that is march already! A whole new spring. I have a few things to share.
I recorded a few warm up sketches and shared on my art channel. I feel that I should record more of the stuff I do, but for now I don't have a good camera.
I hope these are enjoyable enough even though the quality it's not pristine!

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A new and better year

I am looking out for a better year and I think the way to achieve it is by getting more organized! But I start it with a lot of work on my back and time management is very hard.

While I struggle with juggling way more than I am used to here's a painting I've done with acrylics. I started to try out acrylics. Oils have always been my hearts favourite medium, but painting with oil colors takes way more time.
This painting is called "Sunday's hope" because I tried to make a calm stilllife, chill as a Sunday should be.

The original work is up for sale, but's also available as Print:

Sunday's Hope
Acrylic painting 30cm x 60cm

I have recorded the process of it:

Friday, 16 October 2020

Sea Dream

This year has been hard for anyone and due to pandemic I haven't took any vacation. Usually, on my vacation, I like to visit the seaside and this work is my way to compensate what I missed this year.
Here the small painting I've done with watercolors, gouache and ink.

In fact I wanted to paint with gouache since it was something I wasn't interested in before.
I am happy with the gouache result, but I learned that it has it's downs. While this medium is quite opaque it won't allow much layering, because the underlayer will wash out when I paint over it; flaws that are better to be avoided will show up.
Of course this can be a good thing too, depending of the result you are looking for.
In the process that I recorded along a few months, you will notice that I wasn't happy with my pink background and I fixed it with ink.

Overall I worked on and off of this Sea Dream and managed to put up together a video with some speed-ups and cuts.
I hope you will enjoy it!

This work is also up as a print
I hope it will brighten your days for the better years that are to come!

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Shadow - Fanart

Some more fanart; a portrait of my character from World of Warcraft.
I had this sketch that I used to ink up the Night Elf wearing a facial mask and it felt really nice to do a painting after it.
If you like it, please support me by getting a print: "Shadow Print"