Friday, 18 December 2009

Charmed Season 3 Cole Turner

Well I recently started to watch Charmed and I must say that if the first 2 seasons were rather boring, season 3 certainly came improved!
I was actually amazed when the annoying character Cole Turner showed up, his performance was intriguing at first, since I'm always a bit against new characters that show up around but as the episodes went on I actually enjoyed a lot his acting.
Julian McMahon who played Cole Turner a half demon, brought a lot of spice to the show and I loved how the actor manipulated this character into a very struggled one.
He changed his moods from warm to cold with hints of goodness but still kept his evil side and pragmatism almost always in sight, showing until the end of the season a an amazing performance that gave this character an unforeseeable essence and that many others lack.

I'm looking forward to see more of his acting starting with season 4 and I hope I won't be disappointed about his death, since I read up from mistake that he's going to be killed at the 100th episode of the TV show.