Monday, 24 September 2012

Lady and the Tramp

Um, I must say that the new interface for blogger is kind of weird.
I try to get past the urge that everybody has when changes are made to these sites, which is automatically hate.
Honestly I don't understand why the developers when trying to improve an interface, even a game end up with totally crap. They should let things as they are and improve them with advanced stuff not just changing the design and worse adding idiotic animations to buttons. I find this very confusing and ridiculous and maybe right now I just don't want to get past that urge that makes me hate the new interface, for blogger, photoshop and a series of games!

So while trying to ignore all this I should probably add some new stuff that I've worked on.
My drawing jam entry after lots of caffeine. Theme was re-designing any character from Lady & the Tramp. I went for the main chars


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