Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lotro Fan Art

An updated version of my Lord of the Rings Guardian Character.
Some stuff about one of the few characters I played a lot.

Name: Malika Na'dwa
Occupation: Metalsmith
Age: Young
Race: Man
Residence: Traveler
Kinship : (LF Kin)
Outward Appearance:
Malika is around 5'6 tall, strong and athletic, yet she moves in a delicate way. With silky, straight, black hair that covers her shoulders and round gray eyes that contrast highly with her tanned skin she looks confident and inspires trust.
Background :
Malika was an orphan child brought to Archet by some wanderers and raised there by Teal Saddler, a middle aged guardian woman. From an earlier age, with a pure heart Malika learns the ways of the Guardian from Teal and later decides to walk in the world to find her roots, only to learn out that evil crawls around every corner. Malika is impulsive and brave. She can be a loner sometimes and quite shy with strangers. She loves to be surrounded by friends and always loyal, she will do anything for a true friend, but she will turn her back to those who betray her trust. She is out there to fight evil and to seek out those who truly need her.
Loves : Her horse Dusky, Athelas Essences, Greatswords, Dresses
Hates : Climbing mountains, Impolite people, Traitors, Dust, Questions
Motivation : Protect the ones she cares for.
Quotes : We rise with noble intentions yet we risk all that is pure.

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