Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Alrighty! Here's a study I started at the end of April and I finally decided yesterday that should be finished.

I've been working on it about 4 days. On and of though. I wish it would have went faster.
Used reference from mjranum-stock

In addition I'm working on a series of studies and still lifes to get better and on an awesome secret project.
All of them are progressing slow.

Here's some cropped close-ups. (Blogger resized it, so you can see the actual size here)

Thought to add some progress too. Larger version here
Started with a black and white sketch and worked on one layer.
Sadly I merged the first sketches :/
Oh, well.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

A bunch of recordings

I've uploaded the process of a few sculpts I've been working on recently on my youtube channel.
Mostly hair and facial hair.

Dracula's Hair for Male. Sculpt and topology.

Beard Sculpt:

Goatee Beard Sculpt:

Moustache Sculpt:

Also here's a sketch done last year: